Wish List

I know I am so behind but when I sat down to think about what my top gifts wanted were, I had such a hard time thinking of anything...... Each year it gets harder and harder, because we just buy so much through out the year. But here are my top 4 items this year.. This year I wanted more mental/emotional gifts :) With this baby coming I want to be clam and connected with my family as much as possible knowing having a 2nd will through life off just a little bit!!!!

This year I really wanted simple things.

1. Salt Lamp- I have heard great things about it... Not sure if it really works but I think the mental state of just looking at it brings some type of peace!

2. Beach towel- I want to take trips this summer often to the beach with both kids (I know both kids I am crazy but I love the beach)

3. Cozy PJS when the baby comes :) Not sure how many days I will get out of my pjs!!!!

4. Young Living Essential Oils-I am going to hop on the bandwagon and try these oils out. I have heard amazing things about the oils.. NOW there is so much to learn just about oils.... I am going to need a cheat sheet on how to use them all...

What are your top must haves?? 


  1. I'm not sure what I think about salt lamps, but I LOVE looking at them! Last year my little guy got up close and discovered it does actually taste like salt. LOL we were dying laughing!

  2. PJs when a new babe comes are KEY!!!!!!!! Love your list, hope you get every bit of it!!!!!! Merry Christmas, love!

  3. I want/need new dishes this year. Other than that, there really wasn't too much. I feel blessed to simply have healthy children and my needs met. Merry Christmas!

  4. I've seen these salt lamps popping up everywhere lately! I need to read about them because I know nothing!

  5. I too am really curious about those lamps!! My boss just got one, so I will have to see how she likes hers, haha! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!