24 Weeks


Weight Gain: 12 lbs

What's Happening: We found out it is a BOY! We are beyond excited. We have started planning and are in full swing. I am not sure about any second time moms out there but the second one we are so far behind on the game. We have no name yet, no real nursery plans yet. We are so busy with the 1st one we really never have time.

Feeling: I have started to feel great expect for a lot of pressure and BACK pain :( I never really had back pain with Lily Jane but man its kicking my butt.

Sleep: I am still tossing and turning, I think it is more my lower back that is killing me when I sleep

Wearing: Still wearing my dresses and long dresses. I have bought a couple tops bigger in size and I am loving my maternity leggings.

Exercise: I am trying... Let's be real my exercise is chasing my 3 year old around.

Eating: Loving CHIPS :)

Missing: Coffee and fun drinks when we have been at football games and outings

Thoughts: I am beyond blessed by measure that my body can handle having another baby and that I get to love on another one. I am excited that we are having a baby boy. I want that mams boy. Lily Jane is such a daddies girl.. Lily Jane is also coming around to the idea that we are having a boy and she is having a brother. At first she was sad because she wanted a girl but she will love her brother so much.


  1. My little guy is quite the momma's boy. It happens so easily lol.

  2. You are looking awesome Mama! And my son is a total Mama's boy, I think it's just automatic :)

  3. 8 lbs!! You are all baby! I think I gained 8
    The day I found out I was pregnant lol. Both my boys are momma's boys and I could love it more!!

  4. Thank you girls.. You guys are the sweetest!!!