Thoughts for Thursday...NEED help with Stroller

I am so excited for the Cubs that they won the World Series!! I am not a huge baseball fan but so excited when a team wins that has not in a long time.. Way to go Cubs

I will say I am so nervous about two kids.. I have a lot of the big stuff for the second kid but have some questions about other items that you need with 2. The biggest one is a double stroller...
Right now I have a Britax single and I love it. It's so light and easy but not sure if I should get 

Britax B-AGILE Double Stroller 


The BOB Double Stroller 

Also, we were going to find out what Baby W was on Monday but now my family wants to wait until everyone is there for Thanksgiving so we are waiting until then.. Can't wait I am so excited...


  1. As my Mama of twins I will tell you my thoughts on the stroller. If you are wanting a stroller to shop or quick trips I would consider getting the second seat attachment for your current Britax stroller. Door ways and aisles of malls and stores are super annoying with the double because you never fit. We went with the Baby Jogger city select with the second seat and i love it for shopping and quick trips because it's light weight. I also have a double BOB. I love the BOB for walks around the neighborhood, trips to the park, and walking trails. I loathe the BOB for quick trips and malls. It's super heavy and again hard to fit through door ways and and aisles. Hope this helps! Good luck! Congrats on Baby #2 and finding out.. so exciting!

  2. Yay Cubs!! XO -

    Anna | www.parkavenueblogger.com

  3. Yay for finding out the gender so soon! And as far as a double stroller goes...I ended up getting a Sit and Stand stroller because right now Aiden (my 2 year old) is already not wanting to stay in a stroller for long because he would rather walk, but I wanted to have something to strap both kiddos in to. This is a cheap, light weight option for us. I plan to continue using my BOB stroller and wearing baby 2. That's what seems to be our best option. Good luck with your decision!!

  4. So I did post on double strollers a few months ago- there is a side bar link on my blog if you want to read it all so I don't write a 4 paragraph comment here lol. Love my double BOB one of my favorites ever but it's huge and way to big for stores. I have city select for running errands but now that my oldest is 3 and doesn't love the stroller that much I wish I just had a sit and stand or a kickboard for my city select. As the kids get older the side by side is also more desirable than the tandem because they just kick and poke each other in the tandem. Good luck!

  5. You are precious for waiting!! There is no way I could do that. Can't wait to find out!!

  6. I was wondering why you haven't shared the gender, OMG waiting until Thanksgiving!? You're much stronger than me! ha ha! I personally like the double strollers that are one in front and one in back vs the side by side but I know many who like those too!

    And being from Chicago and hearing about the Cubs my entire life from family, grandparents, etc, it really is freaking amazing they won!! I still can't believe it!