Family Pics+ Birthday

On Sunday we had our family pictures and surprisingly enough this was the easiest ones ever. Well, at first I was not even going to do family pictures for the holiday with the baby coming and having new born pictures coming soon but I talked my self into it. I ran to the mall and just grabbed a couple times less than 30 minutes and was in and out. To my belief they turned out so cute.. Maybe next year I will do the same thing!!! Also, normally during family pictures we always have melt downs where the little one doe not want to smile or stand still. This year we told her if she did a good job we would go get ice cream (I guess whatever works LOL).. I got 1 back as a sneak peak and I am in love with it!!! If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you already seen it but sharing here. If you don't follow me on Instagram you need to thewilliamsjourney

On Thanksgiving Day our little princess will turn 3.. I can't believe that she is already 3....where does time go...seriously..... We are doing a small family birthday/thanksgiving/gender reveal... It's going to be such an eventful day!! Can't wait to post pics and share....


  1. Oh so sweet! I love this picture of you two. Well, you three actually. :) I hope little miss has the best birthday!

  2. Love this pic! So excited you are having a boy. My oldest two are 3 years apart with my daughter oldest and I think it's the perfect combo!

  3. That picture is awesome!!! Love all the colors and it's just so very sweet of her kissing your belly!