Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!! Make sure you tell all the wonderful teachers you know Thank you.. This is my first year that I am able to make some gifts for my little mini teachers!! I am so excite.. I also, have some wonderful families that decorated my door and I loved it :)
Here are some ideas that I have done this week :)


  1. cute cute ideas! I love them! We are so blessed to have a great teacher!

  2. These teacher gifts are adorable! And I'm playing blog catch- glad to see Lily Jane's tubes went well. Lawter got them in both ears back in Jan. and we've only had one ear infection since so they seem to be doing the job! Fingers crossed they do the trick for yall too!

    1. Thank you she is feeling so much better!!!

  3. Super cute ideas! For my sons preschool teachers we made a mason jar with their initials on it with a fun lid and straw and their favorite candy. Today he is taking tj. Potted flower with a cute quote. Since I was a teacher in my precious life I wanted to give them something they'd use and enjoy.