Women TELL ALL…….

The Women Tell all is always Crazy.. The girls are always tell each other off and I thought we were best friends……

Britt was first to take the hot seat — and she immediately called out Carly right away for not being a true friend and for bashing her. They fought for what seemed like forever and at the end of her segment, she admitted that if it weren’t for Carly, she felt like she would still be with Chris.

Kelsey was up next in the hot seat, and naturally shots. were. fired. She came onto the stage and said she felt like she was “grieving all over again.” Girl, you were broken up with, Chris didn’t die. So, why did the girls hate her? Well she said she’s heard that it’s because she was “condescending,” and because she “used big words.” However, she did see how her story could have been misinterpreted. I hated her saying her story is AMAZING……CRAZY
The girls shot back!!!!!!!
She is one of the most calculated people I’ve ever met. I’ve really, literally never met someone so fake in my entire life. I have to say, as someone who’s also been through something very tragic, I would never use something that happened to me, to say that I deserve love more than anyone else here.
Kelsey said she regretted saying she had “an amazing story,” as she didn’t mean to minimize a death.

Then it was Ashley S turn and she gave Chris Harrison an onion. (SO WERID) From there, it just got better — she admitted that she really was just bored and felt silly in front of the camera. Then I loved it Chris asked her to be on Bachelor Paradise because they don’t have already too many crazies there lol…

Then it was JADE’s turn… It was actually the words in his blog that really hurt her. I would have been so mad if I was her too.. I think she had every right to be hurt.

Last in the hot seat before Chris came back, was Kaitlyn. She said that at the last rose ceremony she felt so confident that he was going to give her a rose… then was so hurt that he did not and did not even give her an expectation..
First Britt just told Chris  good luck to whoever he would pick. Of course, Kaitlyn was the talk we were waiting for — she wanted to know without sugarcoating, why he didn’t pull her aside like Andi Dorfman did for him? Why did he go through with the rose ceremony? He said that he did make mistakes and that was one of them, but he said he did the best he could. I don’t blame her.. I would have asked the same question.. Poor Girl…

So next week who do you think it will be???? I am still thinking Whitney.. I think he likes Becca but is scared that she has never been in love and not ready for a serious relationship……


  1. Oh my!! Girls tell all.. always such an entertaining night!

    I have loved Whitney from the beginning so I'm sticking with her. But I do think he likes Becca and is nervous for the reasons you mentioned. RIghtly so! Can't wait for the finale!

  2. The women tell all never lets down and last night was no exception!!
    Britt's fake tears, Ashley S' craziness, all the cattiness.. it was a great episode!!
    I'm still thinking/pulling for Whitney too! I

    1. Yes I was so over Britt crying…I hope Whit wins

  3. oh man. I love how Kelsey kept saying "I can see how you could interpret that as condescending" then she would turn around and say something condescending. also her fake apology. Chris definitely made things worse for everyone, if you ask me.

    1. She drove me crazy!!! Oh yeah he deff did

  4. Britt was such a crybaby-- I kind of got fed up of all those tears

    1. Yes I was over Britt after the Women Tell all

  5. WTA was so crazy! I have to admit I loved watching Ashley's reactions to everything - she made some amazing faces, ha! And I definitely thought the epic Britt/Chris hug was so awkward. I'm leaning Whitney, too.