Mommy Update+Amazing Giveaway

Mommy life…..Gets the best of your emotions all the time…
Update Lily Jane now has an Ear Infection… We can't win.. We are thinking about tubes she has had way to many of these.. I feel so bad for her.. Any advice would be wonderful...

but we haven't been too busy to put together the march group giveaway...and it's a hefty one! I HOPE YOU DON'T ENTER…. SO I CAN WIN :) :) I love meeting all you new girls!!!! 

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. you bet. 

oh! and i bet you couldn't help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

pretty enough to be princesses...that's all i'm saying.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!
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happy tuesday!


  1. When my daughter was just over an ear old, she got her first ear infection and we could not get rid of it. We tried all the antibiotics and it would go away, but never completely, and I would be right back in our pediatrician's office a few weeks later. Although he knew how badly I didn't want to go the tube route, Dr. Stanley finally had to break it to me and suggest we seek out an ENT. We did the surgery and never had another ear infection. Although I can't say that it will work out that easily for you, I don't regret it. The surgery takes about fifteen minutes, tops. By the time we got settled in the waiting area, the doctor came out of surgery. The hardest part was staying with her in pre-op because the poor babies just don't understand and it's so hard to go without eating and drinking so long. Also, if it does come down to surgery for you, don't be alarmed with how your Baby Girl reacts afterwards in post-op. That was a little scary just because Alise sounded different after being intubated and acted very delirious. I wouldn't change my mind about the surgery, though. Hope things work out for the best!

  2. I'm excited to be a part of this giveaway with you! I started following you recently through September Farm and I'm excited to continue to follow along!

  3. I'm so sorry about your sweet Lily Jane... Hope she starts feeling better!! And such an awesome giveaway - fingers crossed, whoop whoop!!