Oh Bachelor…...

Monday's are always a drag for me but knowing I can go home and watch The Bachelor to unwind is pretty nice. I was so impress that Chris sent the 2 crazy girls home.. I thought for sure he would keep Kelsey.. I was so proud of him because they both needed to go.. I think taking the girls back to his hometown is very important because where he lives is really a farm land and I know going to visit my mom who lives in a small town there is not much to do. It has taken me awhile to adjust to the different lifestyle. I think it will be interesting to see how these girls adjust to his hometown….Until next Monday...

Who is your favorite?? 
I am still holding down for Whitney.. I feel like she is real and she speaks whats on her mind and you can see she is in it for the right reasons.. 


  1. My favs are still Whitney and Kaitlyn! I am ready for Britt to go next! I do not see her with Chris at all.

  2. Me either!! I don't think they would be a good fit

  3. I was so glad they both went home! Although that scene was a little dramatic, but funny! Whitney is my favorite too!!

  4. I love that you do this update each week… this is totally my guilty pleasure! I like Whitney and I still like Britt… she is just getting hate because he obviously like her!

    1. Thanks girl!! Yes I think Britt is going to be the next Bachlorette