Mommy Momment

1. Sofie the Girafe teething ring
Due to Lily Jane’s constant teething symptoms, she wants to chew- nonstop.

2. Aveeno baby products 
Lily Jane’s has had a bout of eczema this winter and although the doc gave us a prescription ointment, these products cleared up the eczema overnight.

3. Bumbo seat & tray 
You could probably do without this seat, but we use it to feed solids. She is just now getting the hang of the spoon so unless I want splattered and spit baby food all over her fabric items (or my sofa), this has worked out great for meals. It is easy to wipe down and carry along with you. Plus, you can probably find one used for a good price.

4. Tadpoles playmat
I love this thing. So much so that I bought a second one. You can configure it however you would like, and it is super comfy for little bit's head, knees, whatever. Since we aren't crawling yet, I have a little section in my living room, a little in her playroom and a section at the nanny's house so she always has somewhere to lie down and play without worrying about germs, hard surfaces, etc.

5. Baby Einstein exersaucer
Lily Jane LOVED  her exersaucer. She will occupy herself so I can take a shower, I can move it into the kitchen while I do dishes (nope, not cooking), and she is so proud of herself now that she is figuring out how to use all of the parts to it. We still haven't gotten the "bouncing" part yet, but like her momma, she is a midget and can't really reach the floor yet. We will get there.

6. Boppy Lounger
I first saw this item when I went to pick baby up from daycare and she was chillin on her tummy on this thing.  It is awesome. When baby is too big for the boppy, get the lounger. We can sit on the couch with the lounger next to us, and have Lily Jane lie on her back in the little "nook" and feed her her bottle. It makes it super easy and she will just chill in it. Sometimes even fall asleep.

7. 4moms Breeze Pack'n'Play
This sucker is kinda heavy, but it is still amazeballs. It isn't fugly with all kinds of crap on it, it is super easy to open and close, and we personally use it a lot. Weekends at friends' houses and being at a nanny's house every day calls for a place to nap. She seems to do really well with the Breeze.

8. Oball Rattle ball
As soon as Lily Jane started grasping things, it was on like Donkey Kong. I just happened to grab this ball one day while shopping so she could have something to occupy her in the store. She loved it. Best thing ever. Because of all of the holes, she could easily hold onto the ball. The little beads make it rattle for interest, and it is made out of a rubber so she can bang herself in the head a million times with it. This probably could have been the only toy we had in the house for many many weeks.


  1. My daughter is one and she is still very much into her Sophie. She is a savior, definitely during the teething stage. The Oball is another great staple, and one that is still with us months after it was first introduced. First it was just for gripping practice, but now that's she's mobile and more aware of the use of her hands, my daughter likes to toss it around. It's great because it's plastic and won't damage or hurt her, so she plays, kicks and throws it all over the house. Thank you for sharing these. It's great to know I'm not the only one finding great use for these products!

    1. So glad your daughter loved these too :)

  2. This is a great list! I need to take this list to the store with me this week! Thanks for sharing!