Weekend Recap!!

This past weekend was the best weekend that our family has had in a long time…. EVERYONE WAS WELL :) We started off my going to my husbands work party…Then we spent the day as a family (very hard to do these days with so much join on) We drove to a little town Thomasville and just did a little shopping and just hung out the 3 of us… It was so much fun. I adore any chance that I get to have family time.. Then we went home and let Lily Jane ride on her little bike and she LOVED it!! so glad she got it for her birthday. This little girl loves to be outside.. Then on Sunday we went to Church and then went to a friend of mines twins birthday and I love seeing Lily Jane play with others.. She goes to daycare and I don't get to see her playing with others much so it was amazing.. My mom also came to town to visit.. We love when LULU comes to visit. We also, to Lily Jane to go look at Christmas Lights on Sunday!!! We had a wonderful weekend :)
We are VEST friends 

Lily Jane Loves her Daddy and Carrots 


  1. It is the best to see your little one interacting with others! Love it! What a fun weekend! Oh and the matching vests are adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh your fur vests!!!! So precious!!!