Hello Friday!!!

Well Hello Friday... I am so very glad to see you, I look forward to my Fridays oh so very much

1) 2 Weeks until Christmas and 1 week until I am off for winter break I am so excited.. Where has time gone this year.. I guess when having kids it makes it go by way faster.. We have a countdown at our house and when Lily Jane gets older we will do the bible verse a day and get a surprise a day!!

2) My Husband is a HUGE HUGE HUGE  TN VOL Fan..... and they finally made it back to a bowl game. He kept getting text alerts to different places it was going to be. First we they were thinking Memphis, then they thought Nashville and then it finally came out that they are playing in Jacksonville. Since we live so close to Jacksonville within minutes my husband was on the computer buying tickets. So we are going to a BOWL GAME... I am so excited!!!

3) For our Girls Christmas party every year we do a cookie exchange and everyone brings their favorite drink to share. During Christmas i like to have fun drinks.. Here are the drinks I am debating between to bring... 

4) Now that all of our Christmas Decor is out and up, I always like to buy plug ins from Bath & Body Works that smell like Balsam.. It is my favorite, makes my house smell like a fresh tree!!! Right now they are are on sale 4 for $20 
5) Chatbooks- Have you heard of it!! I just heard of it and it is amazing. You can download the app and link up your instragram account to it. It then takes all the pictures you have put on instagram and makes a 60 page book for you including the hashtags. Each book is only $6 and its free shipping how exciting. I just order 4 books and I am so excited to get them in.. Head on over there and check it out!!!  Chatbooks



  1. I bought so many of those scents during all their holiday sales I love how much it makes my place smell like the Holidays!

  2. Something about the Holiday smell :)

  3. Love the chatbooks and I am so jealous you are getting to go to the bowl game!!

  4. That sangria sounds delicious. And I have not heard of that Instagram book- seriously so neat. And it would be a great gift!

  5. Y'all are going to have fun at the Gator Bowl on Friday!! I'm at Tennessee alum and would love to see the game. I know your husband will be wearing his Tennessee orange with pride!! Go Vols!! Beat Iowa.