Swag Bucks!!!

I have been at training all week long and are learning a lot of new things. One thing I have learned about is Swag Bucks.. Has anyone ever heard of it??? 

All you do is go to www.swagbucks.com and use it as a search site, and you will earn swag bucks from just searching the web. A ton of the girls in the training have been able to buy Amazon, Target and many more gift cards.... Check it out :) you can use my referral code and get extra swag bucks ;) 

IT IS VERY SIMPLE....  I even got my husband to start using swagbucks to search for things. Not every search you will earn bucks but Fridays are the best day to get more bucks!!!! If you want any more information let me know :) 


  1. Another great site is www.bankquest.org It's a lot like swagbucks, but soooo much better. In my opinion their ways to earn are just a lot cooler.. like watching youtube, searching google, making suggestions, and the idea wall. The hyperactive points (bonus points every 9 minutes) and 8% of referrals points for life is what I like the most though.
    Between that and the $10 for reading strategies and tutorials, I think its pretty awesome. If you want more tips/help after you read the strategies, feel free to email me at californiadreamin90210@gmail.com :)