Lily Jane 5 Months

Dear Lily
Wow Mommy can’t believe you are already 5 months old. You amaze Daddy and me everyday.  You are getting your own little personality and I love it. You are starting to laugh and giggle all the time.  You make mommies heart full.  You have just started taking 1 long nap 2-3 hours a day and mommy is so proud of you. The other nap you take is about 30 minutes. You are still staying with Lulu and Nana while mommy is at work. Mommy has 25 more days until she gets to stay with you all summer long. You are no longer drinking breast milk because mommy is all dried up.  You are taking 5 oz bottles every 3 hours. You are also eating oatmeal cereal. Mommy is going to try to start giving you vegetables. I know it is going to be very messy but I am excited to enter the next milestone with you. You celebrated your first Easter, and you love chewing on the eggs. Everything you put in your hands goes straight to your mouth. You are drooling so much and are teething a lot. Can’t wait for your first tooth. You are about to jump up to size 2 diapers!! You are rolling over all the time now, so mommy and daddy can’t take their eyes off of you. You also are now sleeping in your crib now and we are so excited. You are growing up so very fast and sometimes mommy misses all the snuggles you gave me, but now I love the sweet laughs and giggling you do.

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