Surprise Trip to Charleston

My husband came home a couple weeks ago and told me he needed to take a couple days off and I happen to be on spring break (as I am a teacher) and he said lets take a weekend trip somewhere. I was so excited on one hand and so sad on another hand. We wanted to take a trip just the 2 of us but did not want to leave Lily Jane. We knew we would not be able to do half the stuff we wanted to do if we brought Lily Jane.  My mom offered to take Lily Jane for the weekend and I was excited but very scared all at the same time. I had never left her before so it was very hard for me. I also, knew Jeff and I need time together. We ended up letting my mom LUL watch her and we want to Charleston.. We had the best time ;) I love Charleston. We walk about 50 miles it felt like. We had perfect weather, and missed Lily Jane dearly. We also love watching the show Southern Charm so it was fun to see places that were on the show......

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