Five on Friday!!!

I missed out last Friday because I was at the Lake with my family and friends celebrating July 4th!! I am back!!

Baby Williams-  We found out what Baby Williams was yesterday!! What an amazing experience it was.. We are having a gender reveal party on Saturday with our Family and Friends. So check back on my blog for the update!!! I am so excited to see what God has in store for us and for our family. 

Books- My goal for this summer is to read a new book. I am going on a vacation with my mom and need a good book. Any suggestions? I love girly books 

Vacation-My mom and I are going on a vacation in a week or so. It's our last mother/daughter trip before the baby comes. I am so excited we are going Old Edward Inn Spa in Highlands, NC

Gender Reveal- I can't wait for our gender reveal party!! The theme is Little Man and Little Miss Pink and Blue. Can't wait to post pictures after the party 

Mommy Advice- All you mommies out there I need advice on the top things you need to register for. If you can pick one item that you could not live without when your baby was born what would it be :) 


  1. How exciting to know the sex of your baby! I'm going to guess it's a GIRL! Have a great trip with your mom and enjoy the last relaxing vacation of your life! :) Vacationing with kids is no vacation :) It's a whole new kind of fun though!

    The baby item I was SO thankful for was the bouncy chair. I used it all the time. He napped in it in the early days, sat in it while I cooked / showered / folded laundry. It was a lifesaver!

  2. So exciting! I just found out I am pregnant and this will be my THIRD. I am sort of thinking of doing a gender reveal party, too! They seem such the trend these days! YAY! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! Just found your blog through the link-up! I'm a teacher and expecting my first baby, too! We did a gender reveal party and it was so much fun!

  4. Thank you Sarah!! What grade do you teach?

  5. I just love your blog! I bet you are so anxious for the reveal party...it was by far the most fun that we have had! I'm also a teacher...it will be fun to watch your little family throughout your pregnancy!


  6. My hubby and I have been dying to go to Old Edwards Inn! What a treat! Have fun with your mama! There's a book that we used when registering - http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0399528458/ref=redir_mdp_mobile?qid=1186427056&ref_=pd_bbs_sr_4&s=books&sr=8-4 - and it gave a lot of perspective!

    We haven't had our little one yet - 4 more weeks - but one thing I heard is a must have, and we received at our shower, is the Rock'n Play sleeper! Check it out and all of the good reviews!

  7. I found your blog on the link-up! I can't wait to read if its a lil miss or a lil mr :) The two items we can't live without are the rock and play sleeper by fisher price and the beloved moby wrap. Have a great party!


  8. I just read The American Heiress and it is a great book! Well at least I thought so :) Love your blog!