Five on Friday....Link Up Party!!!!

1.This week was the last week of work so it is officially summer vacation for me. It was so sad to pack up my classroom because I had such a wonderful year and will miss my class so much, but am getting excited to  find out this summer what BABY Williams is.  This picture is from the beginning of the school year!!

2. I am looking for a new book to read by the pool this summer. Does anyone have any good suggestions of books I can read :) 
3.I want to start making crafts from pinterest. I am always pinning things but never go back and make the things I want. That is one of my summer goals :) 
I want to make these cute picture frames!!!

I also want to monogram my front door :) Because I love everything monogram!!

4. We got to see our baby move again this week so that was a blessing. There is something about seeing your baby move that gets me every time!!!! 

5.I am just so happy it is FRIDAY!! I am looking forward to spending time with my handsome husband. This is the first weekend we don't have plans so I am excited to do absolutely nothing!!


  1. Found your blog on the link up...I haven't read in a while but over Christmas I read Gone Girl and couldn't put it down. It's great!