Rough Week

This week has been a rough week, My mom was here visiting us and on Thursday night she got really sick. I had to take her to the ER. In the mist of everything happening the hubby was out of town for business so thank GOD for amazing neighbors, that ran over to take care of the kids. They got here at about 7:45.I took my mom to the ER, poor thing she broke out in hives was running a fever chills and bad stomach pain. They took her in and ran all kinds of test. Thankfully nothing major. She had a bad reaction to medicine and stomach ulcer. They sent us home at about 2:15. Needles to say I went to bed at 3 and was so tired, the kids woke up at 6:15 and I had to take care of my mom and the kids. The MR. didn't get home until 9:30 that night and I was so tired.. I needed a break to sleep alll DAY... So my mom is finally feeling better and we took her back home 3 hours away yesterday afternoon.



  1. I am soooo sorry that happened. Definitely rest today!

  2. Glad your mother is doing better and back home--wishing her a speedy recovery! Definitely get some rest yourself today!

  3. Oh no! So happy to hear she is doing better! Thank goodness for great neighbors!