This and That.........

This summer has been so hectic... For the past 5 weeks each weekend we have something planned. We have been going on vacation, visiting family and just hanging out. This week we are heading to Tampa to visit with my Dad and Brother. The Mr. has been out of town since Sunday so we been surviving :) Little Miss has been asking about getting her ears pierced for about 2 months now.. There has always been something going on and we keep pushing it back. The Mr. said, " he did not want to go because he did not want to see Lily Jane cry." So yesterday on a limb I asked Lily Jane if she wanted to get her ears pierced. She said Yes Mommy. So off to the mall we went... I was so nervous because I thought she would have said no. We get to the mall and the lady said that she was the only one so they would have to do the ears one at a time... I panicked because what if she would not let them do the other one but, she got so excited. We picked out the earrings, signed all the paper work and then it was time....I was so scared for her.  She did so good, better than I thought. She only shed a few tears. Then they asked her if she like them and she said " I LOVE THEM" I was so happy for her and now she is showing them off to everyone we see :)