Beach Day 2

Day 2!!! Bring it on.
Saturday Lily Jane woke up at 5 am :( which is really 6am our time so it was not unusual but we hate to get up early on vacation. She was so excited she could not stand it. So we packed everything up made breakfast and then went off to the beach. The nice thing is that they have a golf cart at the house so we did not have to drive anywhere which made it super nice :) We went to the beach and lasted about 2 hours which I was so proud of the girls. They started to get hot and wanted to go back and eat lunch. We went back to the house and let them eat lunch and take naps. The adults were able to layout at the pool and hang out. When the girls woke up we all went in the pool and played around for the rest of the afternoon. Then the girls got baths and we headed the Baytown to go get dinner and let the girls look at boats and dance around. I love going to places that have outdoor eatings so the girls can dance around and sing.. After dinner we took the girls to get ice cream and then took some family pictures!! On Sunday we went to eat at my favorite restaurant for breakfast. DONUT HOLE!!! If you ever go down to Destin, FL you have to go to DONUT HOLE!!!! Sorry for the photo load!!!


  1. Aaaahhh beach days and not having to drive anywhere and find parking sure are nice! I've been to Destin a couple of times, but never Donut Hole.

  2. Looks like such a fun vacation!!

  3. It looks like was such an amazing vacation! That beach is gorgeous! :)

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/