Weekend Review Part 1

Wow what a fun weekend it was!! I was so grateful that I was able to send time with my family and friends :) I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend. I am going to do 2 parts because there was so much that went on!!!!
I took little Miss to my moms on Wednesday because I am off we wanted to go spend time with LuLu and Papa a little bit longer. Then the MR. and our friends came up late Thursday night..

On Wednesday when I picked up the little Miss from daycare they gave us the traveling Teddy Bear to go on our trip with us. I love that her daycare dose such cute things. So we took Teddy on the Trip with us and Teddy had so much fun.. We got to my moms Wednesday afternoon. I need to find more on the road activities for my little one because for the last 30 minutes she wanted out and it was not an enjoyable 30 mins. Then on Thursday we helped my mom at her office. She owns her own Real-estate firm so we were helping her a little bit...
Then we took Teddy to visit my moms friends farm so Lil Jane could see the animals. She got to see a couple horses, roosters, chickens and kitty cats. She was a little scared at first but then had a blast!!!

At my moms there is an hour time difference so she always gets so thrown off. This little one was going to bed at 9 which is late for her but she slept until 7 :) YAYAY.. Then Papa and LuLu took the little Miss on a boat ride and she loved that!!!

She was ready for the 4th :) 

Thursday night the Mr and our friends that has 3 kids got there and Lily Jane was so excited and wanted to play with them!! We finally had to get all the kids in bed..

Friday we all woke up and played on the Lake all day.. My mom's company always host a 4th of July Party so we had to get ready for that and clean and cooke. They always have a firework show also. Little Miss did not like seeing the Fireworks.. Maybe next year she will be better!!!!
Little Miss was very adventures and went for a ride on the Jet Ski with LULU and went tubing with her friends. I was so happy to see she was not scared and I was scared that she was not scared!!!!

More to come from our 4th of July Weekend!!!!!!


  1. I wanted to be out on the lake SO BAD this weekend...i'm jealous! Your girl is precious :)

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend! I would so love to be on the lake right now.

  3. That looks like an awesome weekend! Lily Jane's little outfit in the first few pics is PRECIOUS! Ruffles! Ahh!!

  4. What fun!!! We spent the 4th recovering. Our little man decided to show up early. He arrived on the 1st :)

  5. Such a fun and festive weekend on the lake, loving all your pictures! Xo, Stephanie

  6. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Can't beat time at the lake!

  7. She looks SO darling in her little life jacket!!

  8. So fun to spend the holiday at the lake! I love her little patriotic sunglasses too! Adorable!

  9. What a great weekend. Your daughter is too cute. Love her sunnies.

  10. Traveling Teddy is such a great idea! Looks like you had a great time.