Friday+Surprise Trip+ Tennessee

Last night the Mr. told me he took half a day and is taking me to the beach SURPRISE :) I was so excited.. So right now as we speak I am packing up to head to the beach. My favorite place of all time 30A Santa Rosa Beach!!! He booked us a little cottage for the weekend and my Mother In law is keeping little miss :) I am so excited to get to spend some alone time... we are going to be staying in Water Color

We are going to try to eat at The Bay a spot where we looked at getting married!!

Next week I am going on a road trip with my Mother In Law and little Miss. Mr is staying home to work..
We are going to Nashville and I am so excited. Mr is from there so we are going to meet some of his family and they have never meet Lily Jane so this will be the first time they have met her. I am so excited for this little adventure

Are there any MUST DO's in Nashville or places to eat??? I am open to suggestions

Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Surprise trips are always the best! Have fun at the beach!
    xo Southern Style

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  3. How thoughtful! Have fun at the beach! My family is from Kentucky, so we try to get to Tennessee as often as possible--we love Nashville! Our fave spot is a little bistro called Marche. They have the best brunch and you can buy loaves of bread to take home...the foccacia is my hubbys favorite :) Enjoy your weekend and upcoming travels!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  4. How sweet! Surprise trips are the best and having the alone time will be so much fun - enjoy!

  5. WOW! So exciting about your surprise getaway this wknd!! I've never been to that beach but heard great tihngs. Let's be honest, I love any beach! And double yay for Nashville. It's on my bucket list.
    Have the best wknd!

  6. We visited Nashville last summer (I blogged about it at http://losingmypuppy.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-journey-will-have-splurges.html). Not mentioned in the blog - Martin's BBQ Joint - they have a delicious Redneck Taco - personally, I still think about the cornbread hoe-cake. We also ate at Mas Tacos - the food was SO good, but the restaurant is a complete dive - it was packed. We aren't totally into the country music scene, but did enjoy walking downtown (Honky Tonk Highway). Right before we left someone recommended "hot chicken" - we will have to wait until next time to try it. Hope you have a great trip.

  7. If you have time and access to a car I would suggest a trip over to Franklin...such a quaint little town, beautiful drive and some fun restaurants. I also loved the country music hall of fame and of course the grand ole opry is always fun. We ate breakfast one morning at the Loveless cafe which was amazing but so crowded.

  8. Have a blast!! What an exciting vacation! My husband is from Nashville as well, but we've never visited. I've heard it's a blast though!