Hippity Hoppy

This year we are going to get Lily Jane more for her Easter Basket. I am not going to lie last year she was only 5 months so we did not get her much. This year since she is kind of aware of whats going on we went and got her a couple things.. Here is what is going to be in her basket this year :)

1. We had to get Lily Jane a seersucker Monogrammed Bathing suit!! I adorable it I think they are so cute and since I can monogram myself it was even better. I can't wait to post pictures of her in it :) If you want to order one let me know I can get you one and monogram it for you 

2. Being a teacher  I had to get Lily Jane new Easter books. Every holiday I get her 1-2 books so the next holiday we can pull them out and decorate her room. We have to get the books that are hard because she likes to rip out the pages. Happy Easter Mouse! Is one of my favorites you can find it here

3. Sippy cup with a straw is a must because little Miss. Lily Jane is trying to be independent and dose not want help with anything and always wants to drink out of my cups with straws so we decided to get her a couple cups to see if she would like them . You can get them at Target, Walmart they are by Munchkin

4. Llama Llama Easter Egg book- This is such a cute little book. All the students in my class loved this book so this year I let my class pick what book I am getting Lily Jane and this is what they picked!!  You can get it here 

5. Gold is the new black. I have been eyeing these Salt Water Sandals by Hoy for a while now. I finally decided to order them.. I am in love with them. They look so comfy and if Lily Jane likes them we will be getting more colors!!  You can find them here 


  1. So cute!! I always do a swimsuit, and a book of some kind! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I LOVE that bathing suit! It is so incredibly cute and the monogram just goes so well with the style.

  3. That suit though! Oh my! I still buy the monogrammed seersucker bathing suits for my 7 year old! LOVE THEM!
    Great selections! :)

    1. Me to :) Lily Jane will be wearing them for a long time

  4. Perfect Easter basket goodies!! I'm all about filling them up with clothes, books and shoes. Those sandals are our favorites; the girls get a new pair each summer and I love that they can be dressed up/down plus are 100% waterproof in case we want to wear them to the pool or beach!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. You could put only the seersucker monogram bathing suit in and the basket would be fabulous. I can't even deal with the cuteness!! Can't wait to see pictures of her in it this summer!

  6. Oh I love a great Easter basket!! I LOVE the monogram swimsuit! Happy Easter!