5 Must Haves for FRIDAY


Another week down.. I can't believe next Friday it is already MAY.. Where has time gone?? Today I am going to do my Must Haves for Friday.. With us packing up the house I had to really think of the things I need Every day and the things I could back up....

1. My Coffee Cups!! I am addicted to cute  coffee cups.. I love everything monogrammed so I went with my favorite Coffee Cup from Anthrpologie... I have the black and gold (which was a limited time thing) and I LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

2. Water Bottles. I have gotten on this fruit water kick. I have to add fresh fruit (lemon, limes, cucumber, berries to my water to help me drink more water) I will tell you it dose the trick. I have to fill it up every morning before I go to work and make sure I am filling it up throughout the day. Now that I am trying to work out more trying to get enough water is very important. Here are some of my fav.. water recipes. 

3. The best Eyeshadow ever... has been the Naked brand.. I started off with the very first one and it lasted me almost 2 years and then I just got a new one. I love it so much :) What is your favorite kind? 

4. My sewing and monogramming machine!!! 
MR. got me a new monogramming machine and I am addicted to it.. I feel like every night I am on it doing something. It is my therapy.. I love making things for Lilly and for other mommies :) 

5. Of course my hair straighter that I use for both my curling iron and hair straighter!!! 

What are you 5 MUST HAVES????? Can't wait to hear about them... Happy Friday 


  1. Haha those are pretty much my must-haves also!! What machine do you use? I have the Brother SE-400 and am starting to find my monogramming restricted and thinking of getting a new machine for larger projects.

  2. I LOVE anthro mugs! It's my life goal (ok that might be exaggerating a little) to have all of our mugs be a hodge podge collection of anthro mugs. They just make me so happy!! :) Also, I'll have to try that fruit infused water - looks so good!

  3. Love your choices! Although I have to admit, I've never used my straightener to curl my hair! May have to play around with it this wknd! My HUGE must have would have to be my planner!! :)
    Have a great wknd, friend!

  4. those anthro mugs are one of my favorite go-to gifts for friends. love em.

  5. Urban Decay is my fave too...I'm on my second one and thinking it's time for another.

  6. Oh my gosh fruit water! That sounds awesome. I don't know why I have never even thought to try it. Totally doing this when I get home tonight!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  7. This is a hilarious and awesome list of must haves. I've heard great things about the naked palette but I'm still just plugging along with my old school stock pile of hand me down mary kay eye shadow :p

  8. I LOVE the Naked 2 and Naked 3 eye shadows! It is so worth the money =)

  9. I love EVERYTHING about this post! I am totally a sucker for anything personalized, so I LOVE the mugs! And the fruit water! I was just looking for a new eye shadow the other day and could not find anything! Can't wait to try the ones you like! I also have an embroidery machine and it is the best purchase I have made. Once you get the hang of it, it is fab! What kind of machine do you have? AND what kind of straighter/curling iron is that? I have a GHD, which is wonderful, but would like to have one that curls too. I am not too good with a curling iron, but I can manage a straightener!

    Happy Weekend!
    xoxo -C-

  10. My straightener would definitely be on the top of my list! I'd love to learn how to monogram, I love all your items! Xo, Stephanie