Lily Jane 8 Months

Dear Lily Jane,
Happy eight months! Everyday I feel like you are growing more and more and it makes me sad to know we are getting closer and closer to your first birthday.  You keep our days bright, with your new little personality. Here’s what has been going on this past month.
            Baby girl you are now 17.7 lbs. You have been prompted to size 3 diapers and are still wearing 6-month clothes. You love food most of the time and have been a good eater when it comes to trying new foods. Some of your favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, roast chopped up, chicken chopped up, mum mums, oatmeal and pears.  Mommy is still making all of your food expect that we use the organic squeeze pouches and now you love them so much. We love to experiment with all the food to see what you will like and not like.  When it comes to bottle-feeding, you are taking about 5 bottles a day with 6 ounces in each. You love to hold your bottle all by your self now and try to be a big girl.
            There are no words to describe teething. Teething has been very rough on us.  You have been very fussy and clingy lately because of those teeth coming up. Right now you only have 1 tooth on the bottom. Everything that you touch goes straight to your mouth and drool is everywhere. You have had your first allergy experience, and it broke mommies heart because you were teething/sick/ and allergies all at once L

            You have started to crawl and now are into everything. There is not a second that we can take our eyes off you because you are now into everything. I love to see how fast you crawl to get to what you want. You have started to crawl all over Mommy and Daddy. You are also, trying to pull your self up on everything. At naps and bedtime you have started to sit up in your crib and play for at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed. Daddy and Mommy need to go around the house and baby proof everything.  You are starting to giggle and babble all time and have even said “mama”. Daddy is trying to get you to say “dada” and the moment you say it daddy will be so happy.  You love to interact with everyone and you reach for everyone but if mommy goes out of the room you are looking everywhere for her. Mommy has been so happy that she has gotten to spend the whole summer with you everyday. This summer we have gone to the pool, the library for story time, and on a couple of trips.  You now like to ride in the buggy at stores and look all over the place, you are going to be Mommies little shopping partner. You are going to be starting day care this month and it breaks mommies heart but I know you will enjoy playing with all the kids. Lily Jane you are incredible and I love you more than you will ever know!!!

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