Happy Fall

Happy Fall!!!

 I have neglected my blog for a month or so.. Makes me so very sad. I have to make time to keep it up. When i got pregnant this is something I wanted to do to keep up with our lives, meet other mommies out there and share our new bundle of joy. When I went back teaching full time  blogging was so hard to keep up with having the guilt of not seeing my baby all day and just wanted to spend all my time with my sweet little Lily Jane. My goal will be at least 1 time a week then will try more. How has life been going other mommies bloggers ?? I would love to hear how working mommies keep up or find time for their blog, I would love advice....

We took Lily Jane to a local farm and she loved seeing all the animals and all the other children. I feel like she is still at a small age where trying to keep her busy is very hard.. What activities do you do with 11 month olds.

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  1. Lily Jane is adorable! She has grown up so much! Trying to find time to blog is hard! I usually do it after Kennedy goes to bed or during nap time on the weekend but I have been slacking lately!