Nursery Update!

We tired painting the nursery GRAY and um.... it turned blue/gray I was so sad.. So we are trying to find a gray that is like a pure gray, we have looked at so many paints that I am getting tired...Also, her bedding came in and it was not the pink I was thinking it was going to be very sad.... Now back at square 1


  1. I'm pretty sure we used Behr Urban Gray for our nursery and we are very happy with it. We went with hot pink, navy, and white accents and it balances perfectly. Our bedroom is called Light French Gray and it's really a light blue. Gray can be so weird.

  2. I think BM has a true gray that we looked in to. I believe it is called gray husky

  3. Gray is SUCH a hard color to get right!! I seriously bought at least 20 samples when using it in my little guy's nursery a few years ago! We finally went with "Owl Gray" by Benjamin Moore and love it. But, it totalllllyyyyy depends on the lightening in a room, so that could end up having a blue tint in a different room! Trial and error! Ugh!!! Hope y'all have had some luck! :)