5 on Friday Continued...

Sorry for such a late post. It has been a crazy week.

1. We started school this week and I have 19 1st grades. In our district our consumables have not come in like our math books and reading books, so it is a little hard to teach with not all the right materials.


I got this sewing/embroidery machine last year and I have sewed a couple projects, but this week I am trying to learn to use the embroidery machine for Lily Jane. I love everything monogramed.. 

3. I tired a new recipe this week, and it turned out pretty good. It was chicken fired rice. Very easy to mix all in one big pan, and you were done!!!

4. Next weekend starts football season and I am so excited. Even though I wont be able to party like I use to, I will be able to have fun. I probably wont make it to the HOT games but will still enjoy the game with friends. 

5. Jeff and I are taking one of our last trips to the beach for Labor Day weekend. It is bitter sweet. We are going to enjoy spending time with just the 2 of us and go shopping!!!! I am so excited for a long weekend with my hubby....


  1. We took a "babymoon" to the beach before Kennedy got here too. It's a great idea! Have fun!

  2. I want an embroidery machine so badly! What kind do you have?

  3. Yum....home made chicken fried rice sounds awesome!!

  4. I can't wait for our baby moon, its kind of far away but with Football season and everything it gets busy... The fired rice was so great!!!

    Ashleyrose its a Brother machine

  5. Catching up on some of your recent posts, and I am so jealous of your embroidery machine. Also, the name Lily Jane is just precious!!