Happy Friday + Hello Fresh

Happy Friday... This week has been a long stressful week. Sweet baby Porter has been fussy and not feeling well..

1. Porter was having some blood in is poop and the first thing I thought was the milk allergy like his little sister.. but i have already cut out dairy.. So I had no idea what to do.. W went to the dr and they are thinking it is reflux.. Anyone else had this issue? They told us to try a probiotic. Has anyone tried these?

2. Happy Mother's Day weekend.. Cant wait to spend time with my sweet family and kids.. They mean the world to me and is what made me a mom.. Here are some of my favs!

3. Hello Fresh......is the best!!! When we came home from the hospital someone sent us Hello Fresh to help us with dinner. It was so easy..all ingredients were in the box and the card came with it to tell you how to make it step by step. Perfect for our busy schedule.. If you would like to try it use my special code to get $40 off!!

4.Please pray for my sweet Granny she has been in the hospital.. She is 89 and has been hanging in there for years. We love her and can't wait to go visit with her soon.

5. Happy Birthday to my amazing brother :) Today is your day and I hope you have a fabulous day!!

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  1. I hope your Grandma is doing OK!! My middle had blood in her stool but it was a milk allergy so not sure about it being a reflex issue, but I hope it's resolved soon :)