Friday is here.......Lilly Sale

I am so glad it is FRIDAY!!! I feel like this week has been very long.. Anyone else?

1.So I went yesterday for my 28 dr apt and my dr was not happy with me. He told me I gained to much weight since the last time I was there. I asked him did he know it was the holiday's? LOL.. So the next few months I am really going to watch what I eat. I feel like I have gained so much for with the 2nd and have gotten so much bigger. Any mommas out there feel the same or experience this with 2nd baby. Its hard to find time when you are chasing your 3 year old around. I also, think it is the new job I am sitting to long, I got to get moving!!!

2. This year we are going to have a lot of new changes. My hubby got a new job and will start on MONDAY!!! We are so excited for him and just keep praying this is where GOD wants him. We also will welcome our sweet baby boy in a few months. Life will be crazy but I would not change it for the world.

3. I am thinking about taking some time away from the blog when the baby comes so I can focus on all my duties of being a wonderful wife and mommy. I am going to miss my blog so much but have realized life is way to short to not be able to enjoy all the wonderful things God puts in front of us.

4. How many of you think the Lilly Sale yesterday was crazy??? Next year I am going to the store and shopping there. The site crashed so early and people were not even able to shop until 2-3 hours after they said it was going to start. I know this happens every year, so I am wondering why they don't get it fix. I did score some fun little goodies. I got several pairs of shorts ( I have never bought shorts before, so I hope after baby they fit) What was your favorite thing you bought?


  1. Love your picks from the sale! Totally wish I had a store by us because I think that'd be easier as well - you'd think they'd be able to have the site fixed by the time it goes live?! Hope your husband enjoys his new job on Monday! Have a good weekend!


  2. So many cute things from the Lilly sale! I got some cute dresses - it took me forever to get on the site, though! It went from only have 20 minutes to "more than an hour" which turned into 2 hours!

  3. Congratulations to your husband! I actually just wrote a post today about taking a step away from the blog for a bit. Such is the season of life. :)