Don't Know where to start........

OMG...I don't even know where to start. I have neglected this little blog for some time.. I have missed you I really have.. I have thought about you a lot... but sometimes life just gets in the way. With having a toddler (2.5years old) Working full time, Owning Little Sugar Plum.oh yah and being married.. Trying to find time is impossible. I am going to try to get better. I miss reading about all my blogger friends. I love getting the chance to see whats going on in your life!! Please forgive me.. We are getting back on the horse to the blog and hope to be able to be more faithful to it!!! Whats been exciting in your life??


  1. We all have those times. I'm now getting back into it also...

  2. Welcome back, sometimes life seems to get in the way of blogging but it makes the return so much sweeter! :) Xo, Stephanie

  3. Priorities....its sounds like you have had them in order girly! We will still be here and you can't stop loving on that sweet family. I'm anxiously awaiting a pregnant someone so I can shop your store!