Happy Friday!!!!

This week has gone by super fast, but has been crazy….

1) On Tuesday we got a phone call from Lily Jane's daycare, to come pick her up that she was sick :( I hate getting their phone calls. Thankfully my Mother In Law could go get her!!

2) We had an appt schedule for months to go to the Pediatric  Orthopedic dr for Lily Jane's leg..  Her foot turn in when she walks and our Dr wanted us to take her to go look at it. The dr was 2 hrs away so we get in the car to head there and Lily Jane starts throwing up…..WE had to turn around go give her a bath and get a new carseat.. It was a crazy start. Then we get to the Dr and waited 1 hour…. Then we meet with the Dr and they told us it would take 10 years to fix…. My heart dropped because I just want to help her and fix it for her…. Has anyone had any luck with treating this. I am thinking maybe physical therapy…….

3) Christmas Parade --  We are going to attempt to go to a Christmas parade this weekend.. Will give updates on Monday

4) Little Sugar Plum is running a 10 days Christmas Special…. Check us out


  1. I hope Lily Jane is feeling better and you were able to enjoy the Christmas parade! Xo, Stephanie

  2. Hope little miss is better. These kind of things are so hard to face as a parent. My son had a growth plate issue when he was 7 and while it didn't take 10 years it was about 3 months and lots of physical therapy before he was any better and it was just so hard to know I couldn't make it better quickly. Prayers you guys find some answers that work for you.