Valentine's Questions

I have some questions? How many of you do Valentine's on the 14th? I feel like all the places increase their prices. I am not one to want to wait hours just to eat, or be in an area with large crowds. 

*If you could pick your favorite Valentine's Day or date what would it be? 

* Do you like to revive gifts? What do you like to get? 

Asking for a friend!!!!!


Traveling + Rome + Florence

Alright BIG NEWS!!! We just booked a trip to ITALY and I am so excited. I have always wanted to travel aboard and am so excited to actually be going. We are going to be going in April. We will go to Rome for 3 days and Florence for 3 days. Has anyone ever been? If so I need a ton of suggestions.  I am starting to buy items to take on the trip. It looks like over there in April is high 67/43 low. I am also looking into doing tours and making an itinerary.. More to come!!!


2019.....NEW YEAR

Wow I have not wrote on my blog in a long time.. My new year goal is to write more on this space. The reason I started this blog was just to share mom life and I have met so many fabulous ladies and I am ready to get back to my space.  I hope everyone had a fabulous  Christmas and New Year...  My family had a fabulous time off and making many memories that we will never forget! One thing that was nice Jeff and I were able to escape 2 nights in ATL to get some refreshing time away together!

This fall we had our family pictures and I wanted to share them because I never got to post them!! They capture our family perfect!!


Thoughts for Thursday

This week has been so crazy and gone by so fast.. My little one went to her first camp this week. She was so excited. It was a cooking camp and everyday she comes home wanting to go back. She is loving it so much but, will be so sad tomorrow when it is over. She will go to VBS next wee so hopefully she will have fun..

Father's day weekend last week was great. We got to spend time as a family go to the park, swim, went to a crazy ice cream place and just had a blast....

This week have also been very emotional, I can't really go into detail about it but if you guys would just pray for our family for strength and wisdom we would really appreciate it. We are battling a bigger fight then we know what to do with. We are trying to relay on God to help us..